What Is the BioGenset Project?

The BioGenset program promotes the use of biodiesel in diesel generators. BioGenset is administered by Biodiesel Industries (http://www.biodieselindustries.com) under a grant from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

The use of a 5% blend of biodiesel in generators has the potential to annually eliminate 110,000 tons of carbon emissions in New York and displace 13.6 million gallons of imported petroleum. BioGenset is actively seeking diesel generator owners and operators to become involved. Participants may include private businesses, maintenance contractors, schools, hospitals, municipalities, utilities, and public buildings. For more information, please e-mail info@biogenset.com

 New York State consumes roughly one-fifth of the petroleum distillate used in the United States and has close to a billion-gallon annual demand for diesel fuel.  Currently the majority of biodiesel produced in the United States is used in the transportation sector.  However, roughly 50% of petroleum diesel in the United States is used in electrical generation and boilers.  A 2000 estimate by NYSERDA indicates use of 720,000 gallons a day, or over 250 million gallons annually, in electric generators.  Existing infrastructure for electricity generation from petroleum diesel can be used to create electricity from biodiesel with little or no modification.

Will Biodiesel Work in My Generator?

B5 (5% biodiesel blended with 95% petroleum) is covered by the vast majority of original equipment manufacturer warranties.  A list of warranty coverage is provided on the warranty page.  Functionally, B5 will not only work, it will actually work better!  Biodiesel has a significantly higher cetane and lubricity level than petroleum diesel. In fact, just a 1% blend of biodiesel in petroleum has been shown to restore the lubricity lost in Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel.

How Do I Get Started?

To participate in the BioGenset program, please e-mail info@biogenset.com or contact Steven Levy at Sprague Energy, (914-328-6770, slevy@spragueenergy.com).  A B5 blend can be delivered at very competitive rates if you are within the Sprague Energy service area. Once you are ready to start with B5, we will inspect your equipment to ensure that everything runs smoothly.  Biodiesel actually acts as a cleansing agent in engines and will remove old petroleum deposits that have built up over time in the system.

Your organization will also have the option to be included on the website (www.biogenset.com) as a participant and to be mentioned in official reports detailing the emissions reductions that you have helped to achieve!  This can help to let the community know that you are helping to clean the environment.

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